The truck accident lawyers at Avazian & Avazian understand the unique challenges involved in representing victims of a truck accident. Unfortunately, drivers of trucks and semi-trucks believe that they have the right of way and own the road. Because of the size of their truck, they expect all other vehicles to move out of their way rather than driving cautiously. Often, truck drivers are driving long distances on little to no sleep in order to deliver their shipment of goods in a timely manner. This is a very dangerous combination in that it causes truck drivers to drive fast when tired just to deliver goods in a predetermined unreasonably short amount of time scheduled by the corporation that scheduled the delivery. The truck accident lawyers at Avazian & Avazian are experienced in taking immediate action including hiring an investigator or accident reconstructionist when necessary so that we may obtain and preserve evidence that will later be used to defend your rights.

For obvious reasons, truck accident victims suffer arguably the most serious of bodily injuries and deserve caring legal representation who will make certain the client receives the necessary medical care. Imagine driving a car and being struck from behind by a two-ton semi-truck with a full shipment of goods. The sheer force of that collision can cause life-changing bodily injuries to you and your passengers.

The truck accident attorneys at Avazian & Avazian are experienced in maximizing your recovery of monetary damages commensurate with the type of injury you sustained. More importantly, from assisting with getting your car repaired, to speaking with the insurance companies, to helping you find the necessary medical care that you need, we will be there for you every step of the way. We make sure to communicate with all of your medical providers so that we are informed with your treatment progress.

Many law offices turn away truck accident victims if they did not sustain catastrophic injuries where the potential recovery is over $100,000. At the personal injury office of Avazian & Avazian, we accept truck accident cases of all sizes, large or small, if we believe our client was hurt as a result of the negligence and fault of another driver.

Do not delay in contacting the truck accident lawyers at Avazian & Avazian. Your rights and recovery are at risk because insurance companies take advantage of your innocent delay in seeking representation and use it against you even if the truck accident was not your fault.

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