The car accident lawyers at Avazian & Avazian have one objective, and that is to help our clients return to the way of life they enjoyed prior to their car accident. Although money alone is not enough to make up for this loss, it is the basis to provide the appropriate medical care, lost earnings and compensation for past and future pain and suffering.

The car accident attorneys at Avazian & Avazian are experienced in maximizing your recovery of monetary damages commensurate with the type of injury you sustained. More importantly, from assisting with getting your car repaired, to speaking with the insurance companies, to helping you find the necessary medical care that you need, we will be there for you every step of the way. We make sure to communicate with all of your medical providers so that we stay informed about your treatment progress.

Many law offices turn away car accident victims if they were not involved in a catastrophic car accident where the potential recovery is over $100,000. At the personal injury office of Avazian & Avazian, we accept car accident cases of all sizes, large or small, if we believe our client was hurt as a result of the negligence and fault of another driver.

Do not delay in contacting the car accident lawyers at Avazian & Avazian. Your rights and recovery are at risk because insurance companies take advantage of your innocent delay in seeking representation and use it against you even if the car accident was not your fault.

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