If you have been convicted of a crime, you may have a chance to get that conviction dismissed if you have completed the conditions of probation. This depends on the nature of the case and crime for which you were convicted. In some cases, you may be able to get an expungement before probation is finished if the court finds that you have been rehabilitated and the interests of justice are better served by terminating probation early and dismissing the case. Sometimes this will occur if you are able to show you are unable to find a job because of the conviction.

Even though your criminal record can be mitigated through this rehabilitation statute it will not completely be erased from your record. The police and court records will still show that you were arrested, convicted and your case was later expunged. If you seek government employment you will still have to disclose the arrest and conviction. Despite this, expungements can be very helpful when seeking work because it shows you learned from your mistakes and are rehabilitated. Additionally, you may spend less time being inspected at the airport and explaining your criminal conviction to security personnel the next time you are flying back into the United States. Unfortunately, Immigration law does not honor expungements.

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