As a result of people facing persecution in many countries throughout the world, we represent those who seek freedom and asylum in the United States. Asylum is a form of legal protection for people who traveled to the U.S. out of fear of violence or prosecution in their home country. For an individual to file for asylum, they must meet all of the qualifications for refugee status and be in the United States when they file.

Requirements for asylum in the United States:

  •  Proving that you meet the U.S. immigration legal definition of refugee status — demonstrating you have suffered prosecution or have a “well-founded fear” of violence or prosecution in your home country based on:
    * Race
    * Religion
    * Nationality
    * Membership in a prosecuted social group
    * Political opinions
  • Your application for asylum must happen on American soil, typically at airports, seaports or border crossing stations.
  • The application must be submitted within one year from the day you arrive in the U.S.

Once asylum is granted, you have the right to live and work in the U.S. In addition, asylee status allows you to travel outside the U.S. and qualify to file for permanent residence and citizenship. Asylees can also apply to bring their spouse and unmarried minor (under 21) children to the U.S.

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